Ajinder Kapoor began Olivia Pizza with the goal of bringing hot, fresh and delicious pizza to Londoners. It was 2008, and Ajinder had already acquired considerable experience with both pizza and retail ventures. Somehow he just knew that London needed a new and different pizza place. He was determined to make Olivia Pizza the first choice for hungry Londoners by using the crispiest, ripest veggies and the finest meats.  

Ajinder's close friend Ravinder Kapur agreed to give the business a try. Together they worked tirelessly to open their first location in Greenford. At the same time they needed to come up with a spectacular menu that was certain to attract London's most discerning pizza connoisseurs. Still, they wanted to keep their prices competitive while refusing to compromise on the quality of their ingredients.   

It was no easy task. They worked for months to perfect their recipes and to craft deals with suppliers that would allow them to provide the absolute best prices for their customers. All of that hard work has paid off. Several years later Olivia Pizza continues to specialise in providing fantastic pizzas, side dishes, salads and desserts at remarkably affordable prices.

They are also insisted upon a particularly high level of customer service. That meant greeting customers quickly and courteously. It also meant delivering great food that was still hot and fresh right to the customer's door.   

Several years of experience have led to plenty of refinements to the Olivia Pizza menu, but our dedication to the best ingredients and customer service remains the same. We now have locations in Greenford, Shepherds Bush and Fulham for the convenience of our customers. The next time you need pizza, give us a call. Our pledge to you is that we will exceed your expectations.